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I fell down a YouTube rabbit hole today, after a friend of a friend posted that 34 and 23 years ago today were the last transmissions of many local television franchises in the UK. The pictures of the old idents and logos set off a massive nostalgia wave and also sent me to YouTube looking for stuff.

There used to be 14 regional TV stations for ITV in the UK (it's now basically three) and all had their own idents and shows that may or may not get shown on other stations. Here's a big compilation of stat6ion idents over the years.

My local station was Grampian Telkevision (which laster longer than most, until May 2006 when ity wasa merged with STV and rebranded STV North) here's their idents on their own, with the 1985, 1989, 1962 and 1971 versions here.

Also, until the late eighties, there wasn't all night programming, so you had the traditional closedown sequence, with news and weather, the clock, the national anthem and the warning to make sure you've switched everything off and unplugged it in case the house explodes or something. Here's a full closedown from 1984. (A link as embedding isn't allowed.)


The stalwart and legend of Grampian Television was Kennedy Thomson, who worked for the station for twenty-six years as an announcer, presenter and newsreader. He retired in 1996 and sadly died a month later. Here's him in a 1993 episode of The Birthday Spot, a long running show where viewers had birthday greetings read out on the air. Mine was read out by Kennedy once around 1980/1981. (Another link)


And it being Hogmanay (or New Year's Eve for you non-Scots) I always go back and watch some Scotch & Wry, which was a comedy special shown every Hodmanay from 1978 to 1992. Here's a couple of favourite sketches.

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