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Today's been a bit of a Lego day for me, having managed to retrieve the Lego that I own from the folks' at Christmas, finally sorted it out to see what I have. Some remained quite intact (Ferrari, Darius boss looking thing and SHIELD jeep), some needs repaired (T-Rex) and some completely rebuilt (Deadpool helicopter) and some is stuff I bought a decade ago and never built.

So, currently in a nice big storage box I've got the Spiderman train crash set, SHIELD Jeep, Deadpool Helicopter, Ferrari Racer, the prehistoric, jungle and underwater creature creator sets and the big Titan mech, which is unboxed but still in the bags. Going to try and set up a building area to get the mech built.

Temptation with the rest of the stuff is to try and make some spaceships despite not having any spaceship bits. (There's a bunch in the shared Lego bin stll at the folks, which is a mix of stuff me and my brother had with normal, space, pirate and castle stuff, but I'm letting my brother keep that, especially after he bought me the Ecto-1 for my last birthday)

Also bought another Star Wars microfighter out of Tesco, they had a single snowspeeder left and I know series two sets are retired or about to be retired so snapped it up ro go with my AT-AT. Built it while watching Star Trel (Where No Man Has Gone Before, still a great episode, but odd with no McCoy and no red shirts) Going to pick up a few of series three (Ghost, X-Wing and Tie Advanced) but I'm saving and hoping to have enough to pick up the TARDIS set in March.

Ooh, no, forget spaceships, have sudden urge to use the creature creator sets to make a Martian fighting machine, with a heat ray and three legs and four arses...ok, maybe not the last one.
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