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If not, it will be in the top three and the only things likely to beat it are...Lego Star Wars:The Force Awakens or Monster Hunter Generations.

I have long professed my love for the Lego licenced games, they take familiar characters and stories and play around with them, making them even more fun.

1. The humour - Wether it be altering the reason Bruce Banner hulks out in Avengers to a calamity conga starting with him falling through a hole into the floor and smashing his nuts astride a guard rail, Scarlet Witch hiding behind a pot plant, The flibbling Black Widow when she's left loopy in Age Of Ultron, Agent Coulson's radio talk which cpontains many jokes about events in Agents Of SHIELD that hadn't happend to him yet or being able to unlock Lou Ferrigno, who turns into the Hulk by spray painting himself green, it's been the most consistently funny Lego game so far.

My fav ourite had to be F.R.I.D.A.Y., the AI in Tony Stark's Mansion, telling me not to touch anything and especially not to smash things. Then sighing in exasperation and saying "You're smashing things aren't you?"

2. The characters - there's about two hundred of them to unlock, true some are different costumes and skins, but there's still over 150 in there. And it's not just obvious ones too, anyone vaguely related who isn't Spiderman/X-Men/Fantastic Four related is in there. I knew about maybe a third of them beforehand, so on one hand I'm exploring to try and find and unlock certain characters (the Jane Foster Thor, the Kate Bishop Hawkeye, Ms Marvel, Spitfire, Rescue) and on the other I'm finding characters I didn't know were in it and make me smile when I do (Hazmat, Blazing Skull, Nebula) and although there are some shared movesets, there's a lot of unique animations. Also, monster characters like Devil Dinosaur and FIn Fang Foom are a laugh to play.

Ms Marvel in particular is marvelous, so many moves and abilities and all captaired perfectly from stretchy punches, bug footed stomps to embiggening.

SImilarly, although Tony Stark has lots of Iron Man suits, there's different suit up animations for several of them.

Second biggest laugh was Jane Foster's move on stunned enemies, where she whips out a gadget and opens a dimensional portal for them to fall into, with a little laugh.

Biggest laiugh was playing as Squirrel Girl and holding down "y" and summoning the Squirrelbuster armour, which is like Iron Man's Hulkbuster, except it's a squirrel.

3. The hub worlds - the previous Lego Marvel game had an awesome open world Manhattan to mess around in, this brings it back with added random crimes and a lot of tweaks and additions. There's also seven mini hubs, Tony Stark's Mansion, the Barton Farm, SHIELD facility, South Africa, Washington DC,Sokovia and Asgard to mess around in, each having a set of characters, missions and gold bricks to unlock. The tweaks to the flight controls make exploring Manhattan a joy and there's a;ways spitfire or Quicksilver to run through the streets at ludicrous speed.

4. The cast - quite apart from all the big names in the archival stuff, Clark Gregg, Hayley Atwell and Cobie Smulders all recorded a bunch of new stuff for the game and Greeg and Smulders'
has some amazing quips and jokes. At one point Maria Hill quotes, absolutely deadpan the whole "You will be avenged." speech from an outtake in Avengers. Also the other voices are a veritable who's who of voice actors, I spotted Jenniofer Hale right away and also that Ashly Burch was Ms Marvel (which fits perfectly) but there's Steve Blum, Mark Hamill, Stan Lee, Mary Elizabeth McGlynn, Laura Baily, Charlie Adler. I'm having a lot of fun just guessing who's voicing who in the game.

5. It's another absolutely fun Lego game - beating villains up, racing, flying, puzzles, searches, taxi driving, platforming, shoot 'em up bits. It's just so much fun messing around and there's always some sort of reward for doing stuff, even ifd you're just running around Manhattan exploring. I've completed the story and hub levels and I'm still only atg about 45% completion. Another thing I love about the Lego games, always fun to go back and try to get that one last locked thing.

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