Mar. 4th, 2016

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...and possibly the Fat Boys. Which has nothing to do with the rest of this post, which is all videogame stuff.

I have mostly been videogaming recently, using the time I have not having to pay Council Tax on getting some games for my 3DS. Typically, I buy two games and they announce two very similar ones are getting European releases in the next few months. Gits. :)

1. Final Fantasy Explorers is a lot like Monster Hunter. A looooooot like it. Exept it is more csrtoony and is all Final Fantasy stuff, so jobs replace weapon classes, all the enemies are recognisable from old games and there's loads of summons and characters from the series to unlock. It's simpler than Monster Hunter, but has some nice mechanics where you activate semi-random boosts that add bonuses to your skills, which you can then learn, then get another boost to add to that version of the skill and so on and so on. You can play online but like Monster Hunter you can get companions to run round with if playing solo, except in this you capture monsters and form a team to out with you, a wee bit like Pokemon, which we will get to. I don't regret picking it up, but I mioght not have had I known...

2. ...that last night they would announce Monster Hunter X is getting a release outside Japan as Monster Hunter Generations, this summer. I'm still playing MH4U a lotand will likely not nearly have "finished" it by then. MHG brings back villagers and maps from older monster Hunter games, basically the ones that weren't on the 3DS. One of these was never released outside Japan, so for a lot of people, they'll be visiting Yukomo Village for the first time and I admot, I got a wee bit emotional seeing Pokke Village again as that was my home in the first Monster Hunter I played and fell in love with.

And you get to play as the cats. And there's bonus Fire Emblem and Star Fox outfits and others cominbg as free DLC. You also get some sort of bonuses if you have a MH4U save on your system, which is nice.

3. I got back into Pokemon. I'd been kl#ind of thinking about picking one of the 3DS ones up for a while. I'd originallyplanned on getting some of the Resident Evils I was missing for my 360, but having once more tried the demos of 5 and 6 and fighting the controls in 5 and dealing with the constant shonkyness of 6, I decided against it and to get Pokemon X instead. My brother is only slightly partly to blame as he mentioned Pokemon last weekend when I was round and that got it back in my head again.

The last Pokemon game I played properly (had a quick go on a couple of the DS ones) was LEaf Green for the Gamebnoy Advance back in 2004. I still have that cartridge, it's got a ten hour game time on it. Things have changed a wee bit since then. It's proper 3d grpahics now, the Pokemon all look lovely, there's over 700 of the things now and they mix up classic and new through the game. As is always the case, I had to choose which Pokemon I wanted from three at the start. I went with Chespin because look at that cheery little face.

Little did I know I'd get to choose one from three again when I got to the main city and that these three would be the same three starters from the original Pokemon (and Leaf Green, which was a remake) so I got Squirtle too.

They've streamlined stuff, rounded off the rough edges and I'm loving it. The online stuff is great, you can do trades (I have all three classic starters now and opne of the others from the start of this game) and there's random trades, battles, shout outs and all sorts of stuff.

Plus, it's got a nice surfey version of the Pokemon Center music.

4. Then they go and annoucne Pokemon's current b iggest rival Yokai Watch is getting a Euro release next month. It's like Pokemon but set in Japan and has you wandering the city defeating and capturing Yokai which are haunting or affecting everyday people. It all looks fun and I might pick it up at some point but I'm happy with my Pokeymans for now. :)

5. I got the last pack of DLC for WWE2K16 because I likes my wrestling. It's a pack full of people who were inducted into the hall of fame last year and their oppenents in classic matches. If nothing else, it's the first time I've gotten to play as the Bushwhackers and the Natural Disasters in about twenty years. There's a suitably outrageously attired Macho Man Randy Savage, the old WCW Halooween Havoc arena, but my favourite thing is that Larry Zybysko does his little salute thing and they've animated it perfectly.

6. They announced another 3DS game I didn't think would come out over here is coming this year, Rhythm Heaven Megamix is a game with 100 music based minigames, 70 from older games (some of which never came out outside Japan) and new ones. They've got the wrestler interview one. This is a must buy.
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A good shoot 'em up game will always get my attention if it has an awesome theme tune on its first stage, the Darius series has almost constantly done that (I'm not a fan of G-Darius' one, but luckily the next one, Darius Burst was amazing) and this week's Friday Five is the opening level tghemes for the five main Darius games, which also show how videogame sound technology evolved over the years.



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