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I'll just put these pics of the Doctor Who costume packs for Little Big Planet 3 here.

Hoots mon!

Dec. 27th, 2015 05:24 pm
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There was a documentary about Aardman Animations the other day and I discovered they were responsible for one of my all-time favourite adverts.


Dec. 27th, 2015 03:11 pm
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Christmas was the usual quiet, family affair, went to the folks' for a couple of days.

Me and Simon watched a bunch of Christmas telly and documentaries. This year it was MST3K - Santa Claus (which alternates with Santa Claus Conquers The Martians as a Christmas viewing), the Father Ted Christmas special, Qi Christmas special, Bottom - Holy, and some random Christmas special cartoons. Also the Doctor Who Christmas sepcial (natch) and Brave on telly Christmas day. Watched a documentary on wrestler PFergal Devitt and a great hour long show on the history of the BBC Children's department and the shows they produced, which makes me want to watch Magic Roundabout. ALso can't quite believe the Heads & Tails theme didn't appear when talking with Derek Griffiths.

I got a nice mix of stuff. Doctor Who Revisitations 3 boset (that's special editions of Tomb Of The Cybermen, The Three Doctors and Robots Of Death), a Zero Suit Samus Amiibo, a Lego Microfighters At-At (pic below), Doctor Who annual, Doctor Who calendar, Doctor Who Character Encyclopedia a Star Wars tin with activity books and a cardboard Millenium Falcon to build.

Got money from parents and aunt, so bought two games in the sales. Lego Jurassic World which is another awesome Lego game and sometimes you get to be the dinosaurs. It did lead to us speculating about a Lego Sam Neill Adventures game, where you get to play through Lego versions of Damien III:The Final Conflict, In The Mouth Of Madness and Event horizon, just because we want to see Lego Sean Pertwee shouting "This ship is FUCKED!".

Also got South Park:The Stick Of Truth, which is just as hilarious and wrong and hilariously wrong as the telly show. Unlike some other SP games, it looks exactly like the telly show and you get to create the new kid who shows up in the middle of a LARPing session, which is just an excuse for a rude, funny, piss taking JRPG campaign. Several things have really made me laugh, the item description on the soap on a roap including "The rope helps prevent rectal intrusion." being just one.

Managed to cope during the whole time away, but crashed out as soon as I got home. Jsut tiredness though, managed to keep blood suagrs and stuff within acceptable levels over Christmas, which can be difficult at times.
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Am almost organised for Christmas. Stuff has been ordered, just have one person's stuff to buy when I get moneys on Thursday (yeah, Christmas Eve shopping, oh joy) and I've managed to keep a little back for myself to combine with any money I get. Just always get nervous when waiting for stuff in the post, which has been prmised will be delivered before the 25th, honest guv.

Annoyingly, there's too many options for stuff to get right now and the XBLA sale is another one of those bloody annoying ones where different things are on sale every day for seventeen days.

I'm going to try and hold out so I can buy two of the LEgo games I don't have, Batman 3 and Jurassic World. Was playing the Jurassic World demo during one sleepless night and yes it's just another Lego game really but you get to be dinosaurs.

Also I made the fatal flaw of downloading and perusing the new Lego Catalogue for stuff jsut out or coming soon. I covet the Lego version of the Ghost from Star wars:Rebels, because it's an awesome ship and it's owner/pilot is my favourite character in the show. But combined with the Phantom shuttle (sold seperately of course) you're looking at £80-90.

But they've started doing these Microfighter sets, which are about eight or nine quid and are wee minaturised versions of ships, with a minifig pilot that look kind of like a fairground rocket ship ride and coming out on Boxing Day on the Lego shop is...

...so going to try and keep enough so I can have Hera sat next to the Ghostbusters, Iron Man, Gandalf, Michael Schumacher and a few other semi random Lego peeps. I also really like the At-At and the new X-Wing because the pilot who comes with it is a big bloke about my size and it's always a joy to see a big bloke fighting alongside everyone else.

(I'm also trying to retrieve all my Lego, well my recentish stuff, from the folks'. There's at least two kits I bought down in Surrey in 2004/2005 I never built.

My insomnia has been awful and I've been watching more old Doctor Who. Death To The Daleks really is Terry Nation by numbers and the patterned tile floor cliffhanger still makes me laugh. It does however have a magnificent justification for there only being four Dalek props. "They must continue to believe there are only four of us."
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Two hours on and I've still got a massive grin on my face. That made me feel like the excited, giddy five year old child who saw Star Wars in the same town back at Christmas 1977. Unable to form coherent thoughts now, but I think this really is going to do for this generation what Star Wars did for me back in the day.

Also, the cinema house is awesome, mabe a hundred seats with tables and compartments, will definitely be back to see more stuff there this year, or quite possibly The Force Awakens again.
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I keep forgetting which Doctor Who DVDs I have and which I don't, which is very annoying when I decide I want to watch Robots Of Death, Horror Of Fang Rock or Terror Of The Zygons and realise I don't own them. Luckily this is what Christmas lists are for and by Dec 26th I think I'll have every story from season 12-17 which is my favouritest bit anyways.

So I ended up watching Image Of The Fendahl, which I keep forgetting is by Chris Boucher. It reminds me a lot of stuff like The Stone Tapes (which is also part of why I love the episode Hide) and a great cast.

Just rewatched Phantom Menace. It's not horrible, but still a distinctly 5/10 movie at the most. I'd forgotten the whole virgin birth bit and the midichlorians can fuck right off. So can Jar Jar Binks. I did spot Celia Imrie as a fighter pilot this time, though.

The next episode of the podcast will be a Star Wars one, since we're all going to see the new one this week and I'm trying to delay argui...talking about the last season of Doctor Who as long as possible. At least until we don';t feel the need to set up the Thunderdpme and play the music from Amok Time. :)

The thing is, the moment I sit down and The Force Awkanes starts, over twenty years of Star Wars headcanon, mostly from the videogames, goes right out the window, no Jaden Korr (who as with Darth Revan, I refuse to accept the canon version, they were both women in my playthroughs), no Kyle Katarn, Jan Ors or Dash Rendar. Whenever I've imagined Star Wars universe stuff it's been in that post Return Of The Jedi period depicted in the Dark Forces/Jedi Knight games. So I@m going to have to make some adjustments at the very least. :)
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1. To start with the dubious thing first, me and my brother saw our first Orange March today, it wen't right through the center of Glasgow and I feel sorry for anyone tring to get across the road/street as the road was vlocked for at least ten minutes. It would be fun if it wasn't all about religion, bigotry, unionism and politics.

2. WE'RE GETTING FOURTEEN NEW EPISODES OF MST3K! *dances* Show's always had a special place in my heart, it got me through some difficult times and I always thank my friends Ash and Mark for introducing it to me and giving me episodes to watch. The new version has lotsof people I like involved and I can't wait to see the result.

3. I mostly dealt with walking around Glasgow the last two days. I did have to rest a few times but it was nowhere near as bad as I'd expected. I've strained my side a bit but that's an ongoing thing that comes and goes anyway. We almost got lost this morning, but clawed it back at the last minute.

4. Every LEgo Avengers game trailer makes me shout in joy or grin like an idiot in some way. This time round it was Detroit Steel (quite recent Iron Man villain) hanging around Washington DC and the reveal that the exclusive, limited edition figure with the game this time round is a version of my fsvourite Iron Man armour, the Silver Centurion.

5. We went to Burger King a couple of times, it's been around eightene eyars since either of us worked in one, but we still recognise everything in the back kitchens/ It also means we don't get annoyed if stuff takes a bit of time as we've been there and know how the job is. I felt for the guy in the one we went to at night, they were obviously busier than expected and he was doing his best to keep up. Kudos to him and all the other staff for sticking at it.

6. We saw the wrestlings. It was very, very good, like seeing two great episodes of the telly show with no filler and all the top names. I marked out hard when this kicked in...

...as I had no idea Adrian Neville was on the tour, turns out we got lucky as he was only at the Newcastle (his hometown) and Glasgow events. Love his wrestling and his theme's my favourite of the current roster.

All the matched were good to great, he announcer seemed confused at first when everyone shouted "One fall!" back at him (it's an ICW/Glasgow wrestling thing, but cottoned on quickly. Nothing was half arsed, they even had the wavy inflatable mans for Bayley'sd entrance. Asuka was there, I love Asuka, she smiles and beat people up. The crowd were fantastic, wether it be singing along with Sami Zayn and Emma's themes, shouting along with Enzo and Cass' intro, singing wrestlers names to the theme of 2 Unlimited's No Limit or the massive cheers turning into jovial booing when William Regal said he was used to getting booed in Glasgow. We even got a shout of "It's yersel'!" from Finn Balor.

Also the entire crowd sandbagging the TLC promos with NXT chants was awesome and hilarious.
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1. Still my favourite Christmas song. Also shrouded in mystery as nobody has outright admitted they were The Snowmen. Many suggest it's Ian Dury and some of the Blockheads, others that it's Jona Lewie. Either way, this clip will either cheer you right up or stay in your nightmares forever.

2. I wiped my Anime drive because I was never going to get round to watching any of it and the important stuff I have on DVD. The drive's being repurposed for the XBox 360 as I was almost out of space on the drive I was using with it.

That drive's going to be repurposed for this PC, if there's the cables to connect it. I@m unsure since I've never opened up this PC. I'm getting all my Japanese shooty games up and running again and going to get a nice frontend I can control with a joypad going so I can connect the PC to the telly and play the shooty things on a big screen.

(This also invoklves shufting 400Gb of data from one drive to another, it is taking some time...)

3. Back to the shooty games because Darius Burst Chronicle Saviours just got quietly released on PC and runs beautifully even on my el cheapo PC. It also has the trademark eclectic soundtrack and the first level end boss in Chronicle mode is a giant enemy crab with techno music. This=win.

4. Health is still a bit problematic, actually thinking of buying a walking stick just so I have something to lean on when I get tired for when we go to Glasgow on Friday.

5. As part of dealing with insomnia, been catching up on some Big Finishes having borrowed some off friends and still having some I bought at a convention back in 2009 and not gotten round to listening to yet. Random thoughs - Really enjoyed The Last Adventure, we finally have the Sixth Doctor's final story and the three related adventures leading up to it were all fun too. ALways a pleasure to hear Jago and Litefoot again. Listening to any of the TOm Baker stories is like curling up in a familiar, comfy duvet. My mind does mess around a bit as it's sometimes not sure wether it should be imagining things as cheap and cheerful as they were back in the day or properly impressive and expensive. :)
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I didn't enjoy the first thirty-five minutes or so, even said as much out loud, it did turn around and improve with some really nice moments but overall I was left feeling very meh about the episode and the season as a whole.

I'm bored with season long story arcs leading to a climax and companions that turn out to be the most special person in the universe. ENough with all the myths and legends and Steven Moffat doing his take on every xcontroversial thing RTD did. I don't know...beginning to think Doctor Who just isn't for me anymore. Had this feeling for much of this season, Just been left cold my at least half this season.

Note that I'm not calling for anyone to leave or demanding changes or saying anyone who loved the season is wrong, it's just not as much my thing now. Even if I move further away from current Who, I've got loads of stories I can watch and enjoy, so I'm fine.
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All sat on the sofa with my 360 controller at 3am. I only actually bought two new games, Fable:Anniversary and Injustice along with its season pass. My other purchases were Borderlands, Borderlands 2 and Kingdoms Of Amalur:Reckoning, all games I own on disc but play so much that it's nice having a download copy so I don't have to mess around with discs.

Really, I just need DIablo III:RoS and SKyrim to be cheap in the sales and I'll hardly ever need to put discs in the 360 again. :)

Nintendo are doing deal every day but by the looks of it, no real bargains and maybe only a fiver less than buying elsewhere.
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It's enough that Saturdays have Doctor Who and Thunderbirds on and there's a Star Wars movie coming just before Christmas to make me feel like a five year old again, but there's other old things coming back and making me happy.

I was always kind of jealous of my cousin Allan's Commodore 64 due to the SID soundchip in it that produced wonderful juddering basslines, chunky drums and warbling synths. My favourite composer form that era, Matt Gray is releasing a massive compilation album, reworking thirty or so of his own tracks and ten by other composers. Getting genuine chills down the spine listening to some of the prviews.

There's a Kickstarter ub origress for a revival of Mystery Science Theatre 3000, a show I discoverd during some diffcult times and it got me through a lot (and still serves as one of my depression antidote shows along with Doctor Who and Qi). Joel Hodgson's in charge and they've been announcing cast members every so often. Was already looking forward to it and now they've cast one of my favourite actresses as the new mad scientist.
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Not doing anything particularly special, but rewatching at least a couple of my favourite stories, Robots Of Death and The RIbos Operation, both full of great guest actors and great dialogue.

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Just six tunes I've really been enjoying this month.

Click for YouTube embeds. )

Sunday Six

Nov. 22nd, 2015 06:57 pm
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1. I have really enjoyed the last three episodes of Doctor Who. hoping the momentum keeps up. Especially enjoyed Sleep No More which seems to have split the audience more than anything since the Sylvester McCoy era.

2. Movies - gotten a few watched, really enjoyed Mission Impossible:ROgue Nation and The Man From UNCLE, both good spy romps. My only complaint about UNCLE is the lack of the classic theme tune apart from a three second bit on a radio. The MI movies have mostly gotten it right, with the classic theme appearing in all of them and I loved it every time The Plot started up a vit in Roguer Nation.

Also the second and third Hobbit movies, after playing a Lord Of The Rings game recently had a hankering for more. I enjoyed them both, although all the Hobbit movies have the same problem, too many over the top shots that don't add anything to the atmosphere or excitement, it's like any restraint they had for LotR is gone. Had no idea Billy Connolly was in the third and he had the best speech in the whole trilogy.

Death Line, an average seventies horror movie about cannibals in the London Underground lifted to great height by Donald Pleasance's performance as the grumpiest police inspector in the history of Great Britain.

3. Qi - Stephen Fry is leaving, which I am sad about, but I think Sandi Toksvig will be an excellent replacement. a few of the other people who they could have chosen would maybe have been a bit overbearing? As always, the show is a joy and it's nice to see Matt Lucas, Noel Fielding and Rhod Gilbert appearing and there's at least a couple more people I like appearing for the first time this series.

4 - Gaming has mostly been running round Middle Earth beating things up with a magic stick in LotR:War In The North, going back to Bioshock Infinite and Tomb Raider 2013 and the usual mucking about in Destiny. Still not feeling any need to upgrade my console as I@ve still plenty to play on this one.

ALso liking that one of the gaming channels I enjoy is playing thorugh the mostly wonderful Mirror's Edge, a game I never completed due to a difficult section and a game I can no longer play with any competency due to my hands.

5 - I've mostly been enjoying the wrestling I watch, but that's mostly down to me only watching NXT weekly and even then, I really don't like what they're doing in the women's division. Eva Marie, a performer who is barely competent in the ring and on the mic (and has been around the WWE for years without doing anything of note) is getting a big push over many who have far better skill than her and it's really annoying. She doens't get booed for being a heel, she gets booed because people don't want to see her anywhere near the ring. It's the only real blight on an excellent show and it was nice to see a Scottish wrestler debut the other week, even if it was in a squah match against Nia Jax.

6. Hands and foot have been a bit worse in recent weeks, hands is maybe just the cold weather, but I have to look at the keyboard while typing these days and writing is haphazard (which is fun when signing on at the job centre) and they're going to be x-raying my foot again, as we suspect I may have stress fractures again, which may mean getting a moonboot for a few months again.
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My favourite scene from this week's Star Wars:Rebels, we only ever saw the B-Wings in Return Of The Jedi and they were very much in the background, so we finally get to see one properly and how nifty the rotational cockpit and heavy weapons are. Plus, it's Hera being awesome, which I love.
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Oh my giddy aunt, the attention to detail in the Lego Dimensions DOctor Who stuff is amazing, to the extent you can narrow down exactly which stories some of the console rooms are from. The animations specific to each Doctor are fantastic too.
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1. We have decided to dedicate a whole episode of the podcast to discussing this series of Doctor Who, as we suspect some of our complaints may be set up for stuff at the end. Also, I managed to lose the hour we spent discussing eps 2-7 through a combination of scatterbrainedness (due to depression) and clumsiness (due to hands being dodgy) Next episode will likely be all Star Wars as we're all going to see it next month. Plus I can gush about Star Wars:Rebels more.

2. Star Wars:Rebels. It is awesome. You should watch it. Season two has so far been awesome, Vader being bad-ass in the opener, AT-ATs in a sandstorm, my favourite character getting to test fly the prototype B-wing, the designer of said ship baing named after Ralph McQuarrie. It is the most Star Warsey thing until the movie.

Really looking forward to Force Awakens, have remained virtually spoiler free, only thing is that once it hits, that's my head-canon Staw Wars timeline based on the Dark Forces/Jedi Knight games out the window. :)

3. I am verring between really enjoying Who and feeling something isn't quite right this season. *shrugs*

4. They announced Fin Fang Foom and Crimson Dynamo (one of the thirteen Crimson Dynamos) are playable in the upcoming Lego Avengers game. Insert the Shut Up And Take My Money picture here.

5. They're doing a Kickstarter to make new episodes of Mystery Science Theater 3000. I kind of blame the show for me talking back at videogames a lot. Hope it's a success as along with Qi, MST3K is one of my comfort shows that I can stick on no mayyer how crummy I'm feeling and be cheered up.

Also their official YouTube Channel has thirteen episodes of the show up in full, including Mitchell, Laserblast, Soultaker and Pumaman.
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We talk news then enter our second Videorama episode where we discuss Videodrome (1983), Theatre Of Blood (1973) and Shocker (1989)

We did talk about Doctor Who, but lost the recordsing. Sorry.

0:00 - 0:39 News.
0:40 - 2:03 Videodrome, Theatre Of Blood, Shocker.

Listen here.
Download MP3 here.(right-click and save as)
Podcast feed here.
Subscribe on iTunes here.


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